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February 21,2011

Wai “Kathy” Chiu Bayshore Acupuncture
721 North Beers Street, Ste 1E Holmdel, NJ 07733
Dear Kathy:

I had suffered from Vasomotor Rhinitis for 3 years. This is a nasal problem in which blood vessels, nerves and membranes of the nose have an exaggerated response to certain triggers. In my case it was airborne irritants, such as strong odors, bleach, strong perfumes, laundry detergents, cigarette smoke, and other scents, which produced and caused nasal congestion.

The membranes in my nose would continue to stay swollen for so long that the sinuses could not drain properly and became frequently and chronically infected, I would immediately end up with a severe sore throat as well. I also had breathing problems, as I would be talking and end up being winded as if I had been running and was out of breath.

I had been advised from the literature received from my doctor that this disorder can be controlled but not cured. I was given a prescription for medication and an inhaler, which I was told I would need to use the prescription twice daily and the inhaler as needed. I suffered with these symptoms as I did not want to take medications.
Well since receiving treatments at Bayshore Acupuncture I have not had one sinus infection or sore throat from scents.

Also, I have not experienced any hot flashes and I have been sleeping better.
Thank you, thank you, so much as I did not want to be on any medications let alone an inhaler for the rest of my life.

Dear Wai,
I want to thank you for helping me with my asthma. I am 6 yrs old and have had asthma since I’ve been one. I’ve taken inhalers and nebulizers most of my life since I started. With the cupping and the needles from a month ago, I haven’t used my inhaler or nebulizer in a month. I love that I can run and play and not cough!
Thank you.


June 18, 2011
Dear Cathy

I have had back problems for over 30 yrs being a tractor-trailer driver. Eventually having back surgery in the 90’s and still able to exercise 5 clays a week. Over the years I have gone to many chiropractors and really never got much relief. 18 months ago I was diagnosed with internal shingles only after having gone through a battery of tests spanning many months. The pain that was left is called post hepatic neuralgia.

I tried medications for the pain but due to the side effects could not take them. Nothing helped, no creams, heating pads or even ice. I even tried physical therapy which didn’t help either. Having being at my wits end, my co-worker mentioned Cathy and acupuncture and how she helped him with back pain. After giving up all hope and feeling like I was going to have this excruciating pain for life I figured what the heck.

I must admit I wasn’t too keen on needles being put in my body and was even more skeptical that this would actually work. What a believer I am now of acupuncture. After only 2 visits Cathy was able to bring my pain from a #10 to a 7 and after 9 visits I’m down to a #4. She believed that she could help me, which convinced me she could as well.

I am so forever grateful to Cathy and her expertise in acupuncture and Chinese medicine that I will not only continue with treatments to finally be pain free but to also maintain my well being. Thank you Cathy, you have saved my life!!!!
Forever grateful