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chronic colitis, inflammatory bowel disease




I suffer with chronic colitis and overall body pain. i am under the care of a medical doctor for my flare ups and taking a medical prescription drug combined with acupuncture, for the last 6 months 2x per week. I also have been going to Dr Jerry on and off for the last 2 years receiving

acupuncture, which has greatly helped me and reduced the pain in the body. He reduced the severity of my medical condition greatly and reduced my flare ups of Crohn’s disease. He uses different techniques and natural methods of healing to help his patients, and does all he can do, to restore my health and with much less pain.


My overall experience was great and shown a positive outcome and results for my chronic colitis. My colitis is now in remission, with acupuncture and proper medication taken daily.


I find Dr. Jerry to be caring and a very knowledgeable doctor of acupuncture and natural healing. I would recommend Dr Jerry to others. I have already referred my friends to come to Dr Jerry.


My final words would be — “that I absolutely notice a great difference in my condition”. He also is easy to talk with.




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