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Knee and Back Pain

I had injured my right knee while training for a 5K run, which as well as causing pain in my knee also led to having pain in my hip and lower back. After six months of Physical Therapy my healing progress began to plateau. I know I didn’t want surgery or to take pain medication, so I decided to look into acupuncture. I found Dr So through my insurance’s website and was immediately impressed with their informative website, positive testimonials, and proximity to home.

My experience with treatment by Dr. So is wonderful. I have been receiving acupuncture treatment for about two months and going twice per week. Since the 2nd session, I have experienced much comfort and relief from my knee pain. In addition, I have felt much more emotionally relaxed and calm since starting this treatment.

Dr. So is incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate in his holistic approach to my ailment. He explains everything in simple terms and is very thorough, as well as considerate to my comfort level. He will test my sensitivity to pressure before inserting the needle. In addition, he is extremely comprehensive by considering other areas that may need attention. He asks about any other symptoms I am having and will give recommendations for better nutrition, and structural balance. For example, Dr. So was able to make a connection between an issue with my renal function and pain I was having in my foot during his testing of my pressure points. He advised me to drink more water and that helped relieve the pain in my foot which I learned was associated with my kidneys. It was that knowledge that taught me how to better care for my body as a whole.

Aside from the incredible care I receive from Dr. So, the office staff are very attentive, and the office environment is very peaceful and inviting. Everyone talks to me and asks me how I’m doing, which shows me they really strive to build a relationship with their patients. Also, the office’s cleanliness, warm colors, and soft music contribute to the pleasant and healing atmosphere.


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