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Lower back problems, stress & digestive issues



I have been going to acupuncture treatment by Dr Jerry on-and-off for several years. I feel that he is an excellent acupuncturist / doctor. He has helped me with multiple issues such as stress, digestive issues, and lower back pain.


I go 1-to-2 times per week for acupuncture treatments. Dr. Jerry listens and asks many questions to help you in any way he can to make you feel better and alleviate the pain. He has a mild and lovely manner and easy to talk with.


For lower back pain treatments, the result is obvious. Usually what happens is that if I go in with a pain scale of 8 out of 10, after treatment the scale is about a 2 when I leave their office.


I have recommended my husband & many family members and friends to Dr Jerry for acupuncture. I like natural healing and I feel this works for me.


I loved the overall relax experience and method of treatment from Dr Jerry. I am feeling much better and a lot less pain with acupuncture.



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