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Neck and back pain relief

Dr. Cathy and Dr. Jerry are amazing! I started at their practice because of joint pain from rheumatoid arthritis and severe neck pain. They have helped me so much that I decided to bring my 2 daughters to Bayshore Acupuncture. My 17 year old daughter underwent 2 surgeries on her back this year and after her first acupuncture treatment she was able to lay on her back with no pain for the first time in 7 months. She also started having anxiety attacks after her surgeries, and with consistent visits she is having considerably less attacks, and when she does have one it is much less severe.

My other daughter just started acupuncture for her neck and back and has already had relief from the pain she was in after one visit. She can’t wait to go back this week for her second time.

I am beyond grateful to Dr. Cathy and Dr. Jerry for helping us. They are the most compassionate people and true healers. I recently told my daughter’s pediatrician how much acupuncture is helping her and I have to call her surgeons and let them know as well. It’s important for doctors to hear about how much acupuncture helps people. My daughter was given strong pain medications during and after her surgeries, and I wish her doctors would have known about how much acupuncture helps with pain and healing.

Thank you Dr. Cathy and Dr. Jerry!!!


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