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Neck and Shoulder Pain

Aug 4, 2017

I have had neck, lower back, upper arm and shoulder pain for years. Massage and medications like Aleve did not work to relieve my pain. A coworker suggested acupuncture. My expectation of acupuncture was that I was feeling apprehensive because the thought of getting pricked continuously with a bunch of needles, as like getting a tattoo, made me uncomfortable. When I reached the point in which I could no longer endure the pain I decided to heed my coworker’s advice which assured me that acupuncture would relieve my pain.

I am pleased to say that getting acupuncture at Bayshore Acupuncture exceeded my expectations. Aside from falling asleep on the table, I have been pain free since the completion of the first session. It has been three weeks of regular sessions and I continue to be absent of pinched nerve pain, specifically in my shoulder blade. I am able to drive with both arms and put on a bra without experiencing a digging pain to my shoulder from the strap. In addition the treatment has helped relieve my asthma, allergies and has improved my general equilibrium.

In addition the support I have received from the office has been wonderful and caring! I highly recommend Bayshore Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine because they have changed my life!

– Tiffany

June 6, 2018

Since I started acupuncture at Bayshore Acupuncture, my neck and shoulder pain has greatly decreased. The flexibility I now have in my neck makes driving, especially backing up my car, much easier. Not only am I sleeping better, I also feel more relaxed.

– M