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MPFAS Training Unit 1 review 5 years ago Amazing accupunturist

Sciatica pain and pinch nerve relief

Problem: Pinched nerve, numbness, burning feet, severe pain daily in legs and thigh


Date : 12/2021


I had excruciating pain in legs, burning of feet and numbness in right thigh, since October 2021.


I was at the end of my rope with pain and searched the internet for a more natural way of healing pain. I found

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Allergies relief

I am so glad I found this practice . I have been going to Dr Jerry for about a year now . I had multiple health issues including autoimmune disease, infertility, migraines and severe allergies. Dr Jerry have gone beyond and above while listening to all my concerns and developing a plan of care. He is very... Read more »

spinal stenosis improvements

Date 12/21/21

I am a 75-year-old woman with spinal stenosis which was causing much pain in my legs and thighs.

Acupuncture is my last resort in my opinion where surgery does not seem to be an option due to age. I did not expect such a wonderful outcome. After 4 months of treatments, I have more mobility and much less

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