Back Pain

February 6, 2012

Instant, amazing results on first time [acupuncture] treatment [of] years of suffering with back pain. Surgery for fibroid tumor (11 months ago) hurting 24/7. I bare [enjoy] so much relief right now. I cannot wait for my next session.

Thank you Cathy, with all my heart!


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Trigger Finger


Totally Amazing!! During my first treatment I was able to completely close my hand into a fist position after 7 months of pain and discomfort. I’ve been dealing with a trigger finger which means it can’t bend and it gets locked when I try to close my hand. My orthopedic recommends hand surgery at this point and I’m very

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I accidentally hurt both my wrists at the same time. My hands ached. My thumbs and fingers would freeze into a claw-like position. The doctors said I had symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. My options were surgery, laser treatment, or I could try acupuncture. Surgery was out of the question for me. One wrist at a time or both together

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Sciatic Pain


I’m writing this as a Thank You for the treatment.
After suffering acute disabling pain from a sciatic attack (the first one I ever experienced) causing a trip to the emergency room, my wife (who is already a patient of yours) suggested acupuncture instead of a trip to an Orthopedic surgeon. I must admit I was

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