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Date: 2/8/2020

Excellent bedside manner!


Pleasant and Relaxing

Date: 3/22/2022


Always pleasant and relaxing experience.


Lower Back Pain and insomnia

Date : 9/16/2022

Always happy to come here. I know my time will never be wasted. Dr Cathy has fixed my problems for about 10 years. Very positive experiences!


Neck pain, back pain and anxiety

Date: 6/8/2022

61 years old female

Issues: Neck, knee, back pain, and anxiety


My overall experience with Dr. Jerry was tremendously beneficial for my overall health. knee & neck pain and anxiety. I have been going to Dr Jerry 2 times per week on and off for 2.5 yrs. I will continue to receive acupuncture and would recommend acupuncture

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