Migraine Headache Relief

5.0 star rating

Dr. Cathy is amazing. She takes the time to understand your concerns and is dedicated to providing relief. I have had migraines for 45 years, experiencing 9-12 headaches per month. After only two visits I got significant relief. Just this past week I was migraine free. I cannot adequately express my gratitude to Dr. Cathy

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Neck and Shoulder Pain

Aug 4, 2017

I have had neck, lower back, upper arm and shoulder pain for years. Massage and medications like Aleve did not work to relieve my pain. A coworker suggested acupuncture. My expectation of acupuncture was that I was feeling apprehensive because the thought of getting pricked continuously with a bunch of needles, as like getting a tattoo, made

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Video testimonials from different clients

Effectiveness of acupuncture on anxiety and back pain

Aug 25, 2016

Going to Bayshore Acupuncture is the BEST decision we have ever made! Both Wai and Siu have changed my life and my husband’s life as well. I sleep better, my anxiety is gone,

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