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Sciatic Pain


I’m writing this as a Thank You for the treatment.
After suffering acute disabling pain from a sciatic attack (the first one I ever experienced) causing a trip to the emergency room, my wife (who is already a patient of yours) suggested acupuncture instead of a trip to an Orthopedic surgeon. I must admit I was a bit skeptical but was at the point to try anything for help as I could hardly walk due to the pain.

After my first treatment I didn’t feel too much different until a few hours later when all of the sudden the pain started to diminish and I could walk a little. After a day I was feeling even better. After the second treatment the pain was almost gone but still felt sore and stiff. Than after the third treatment (to which I almost danced in) the pain, soreness was history. Only a little stiffness was left.

But actually I beleive that was my own fault as I had fear of the pain coming back and was not walking properly. After another few days I felt great as I do now (a couple of weeks later). I just want to say Thank You again, that I am now a true believer in your treatment. W.C.