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Shoulder pain

I am a cancer survivor who had gone through aggressive chemo treatments which
led to many bad side effects such as heart problems. I also suffer from diabetes
complications, fluid retention and very painful arthritis in my hip, shoulder,
and foot. I heard about Dr. Cathy through my 2 neighbors. I was having severe
pain in my shoulder which prevented me from using both hands to steer my car. With
their suggestion I started getting treatment with Dr. Cathy. It only took one
session for me to be pain free and enabled me to be able to steer with both hands. As
I continued the treatments, I started to experience a much better range of motion in
my shoulder and other areas.

I am very pleased with Dr. Cathy. She has helped me become as pain free as possible.
I consider her a “best kept secret” because of her expertise with Chinese medicine.
In addition to her treatment expertise, Dr. Cathy has given me very sound nutritional

As a result of my treatment with Dr. Cathy at Bayshore Acupuncture and Traditional
Medicine, my arthritic pain is greatly minimized in some areas and completely gone in others. Fluid retention is gone and my diabetes is under control, with my sugar levels lowered.


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