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spinal stenosis improvements

Date 12/21/21

I am a 75-year-old woman with spinal stenosis which was causing much pain in my legs and thighs.

Acupuncture is my last resort in my opinion where surgery does not seem to be an option due to age. I did not expect such a wonderful outcome. After 4 months of treatments, I have more mobility and much less pain. I stop my pain medications and only take as needed if I am stiff in the morning. I also sleep better.

When I first started acupuncture, I was hesitant of the needles. He is a very caring and gentle acupuncturist. He listens and tries every way of helping to alleviate the pain to make you feel better.

I could not drive to his office alone when I first start. Now I could comfortably drive to his office by myself. I see much improvement and great changes since I started.

I would recommend Dr Jerry to others who are in pain. I feel he is a wonderful acupuncturist and delivers good results.



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