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Women’s Health

October 13, 2008

Dear Wai,

I started with you in mid-August with a long list of ailments. Thank you for the level of care provided to date and for making this first experience with acupuncture such a positive one. It is especially gratifying to get recent gynecological test results, which indicate an existing cervical dysplasia is no longer present. Also, a follow-up ultrasound for a questionable ovarian cyst has come back clear. I greatly appreciate your efforts and the impact these sessions are having on my overall health.

Three months ago a pale, sickly, exhausted women went to Bayshore Acupuncture looking for guidance, answers and some kind of miracle. Now as a healthy, glowing, and vibrant woman it is hard to believe we are the same person. Wai worked with me to heal not only my imbalances, but to also change the mind frame that made me sick to begin with.

In the beginning we focused on my diet and she proceeded to steer me toward healthier food choices aimed to restore particular imbalances. The articles she offered opened up my eyes to a different philosophy and a better way to look at stress, food, and life itself.

Her knowledge of Chinese medicine is vast. With each visit I would learn something new, as she would use different methods along with the needles. In three months she was able to heal an undiagnosed illness, which no doctor could treat for six years. I found not only guidance and answers, but I also received a miracle.
– I.S