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Lower Back Pain and Stiffness Relief

November 15, 2020

Bayshore Acupuncture was highly recommended to me and my daughter, who is very health conscious and who’s judgement I trust implicitly.

My first appointment was with Dr. Jerry So. I brought documentation of my lumbar spinal issues, including photos of my X-rays and the accompanying report, showing multi-level degenerative disc disease caused by arthritis and retrolisthesis, which is a misalignment or subluxation of the lumbar vertebrae. This is a common issue in someone of my age (71).

Dr. So began his examination by taking a comprehensive medical history and then performing a physical examination via various pressure points corresponding to the acupuncture meridians. These pressure testing points elicited various levels of pain, indicating problem areas to be treated.

After my first acupuncture treatment, I noticed that I was able to put my socks on while sitting in the treatment room chair and bending forward. This surprised me, since my lower back is inflexible, and I normally have to sit on our stairs and bring each foot up one stair in order to bend far enough to do this.

I’ve now undergone six treatments and my back pain and stiffness continues to improve, and as a bonus, my energy levels have increased. I find this to be remarkable because, although I’ve undergone physical therapy, routinely perform stretching exercises and take an exercise walk almost daily, this is the first time that I’ve noticed an improvement in my flexibility. I can only attribute this improvement to Dr. Jerry So and his abilities as an Acupuncturist and I wholeheartedly give him my highest recommendation.

Note: Due to the confidential nature of the medical information contained in this review, J have decided to omit my full name, however, if anyone is interested in contacting me, please ask Dr. So to let me know and I would be happy to contact you regarding my review.