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Sciatica pain and pinch nerve relief

Problem: Pinched nerve, numbness, burning feet, severe pain daily in legs and thigh


Date : 12/2021


I had excruciating pain in legs, burning of feet and numbness in right thigh, since October 2021.


I was at the end of my rope with pain and searched the internet for a more natural way of healing pain. I found Bayshore Acupuncture where they took my medical insurance.


After the first treatment by Dr Jerry the acupuncturist, I felt a significant difference in pain and less numbness. Although, I was terrified of needles, he helped me greatly. I sleep better and wake up with no pain, as compared to before I started acupuncture treatments.


Before coming to acupuncture treatments, my scale of pain is at almost 10 (10 highest level of pain). My pain currently is a 0 or 1 in a 0-10 scale. I was in so much pain every day and affected my daily life and had gained a lot of weight due to not able to exercise as used to. It seems to me that an indirect result is weight loss as I can get back to my exercise routine.


I feel that Dr Jerry is a qualified and fantastic doctor. He is personable, meticulous and does not cut your session short and will give you the necessary time you need for the healing.


My overall experience with acupuncture is that it gave me a much better quality of life.


I am grateful and would recommend acupuncture to others who suffer severe pain for relief and quality care. I am a very satisfied and grateful patient to have met Dr Jerry.





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